Mock COP26

Mock COP26 Climate Conference

Last week, Higher and Advanced Higher Geography pupils participated in a Mock COP26 Conference. Pupils researched and presented their country positions, worked together to construct resolutions and engaged in thought-provoking debates about climate change mitigation.

Pupils were put into country delegations, representing 18 different countries including China, the UK and the Marshall Islands. Each delegation gave a speech on their progress towards meeting the Paris Agreement and their targets moving forward, after doing detailed research about their countries. They also wrote and debated resolutions on how to solve climate crisis.

Prizes were awarded to student based on teamwork, constructing convincing arguments and public speaking.

The Junior School Eco Club has been busy this week, as they have written postcards for the World Leaders about their hopes for the future. Some examples are below.

My hope for the future of our world is…
  • To have smaller cities and bigger forests, more electric cards and bridges over roads for monkeys and other animals (Ruairi)
  • Every family to have just one car (Milly)
  • To stop pollution so all of the animals in the sea can live a better life (Eva)
  • I hope in the future you can create your own energy by jogging, peddling or running to charge a phone, electric car or anything else that uses energy (Erin)
  • I hope every car in the future will be electric (Max)
  • No pollution, all electric cards and recyclable waste (Edward)
  • My hope for the future is for clean seas and healthy fish (Melody)
  • Every tree we cut down, we plant a new one! (Chloe)
  • Every tree we cut down, make as much use out of it and plant a new one (Connie)