A message from the Chairman of Governors

The following notice was announced to the Heriot’s community on 17 September 2020 by Mrs Joyce Cullen, Chairman of Governors:

‘I write, as Chairman of Governors, to advise you that after much reflection, Lesley Franklin has decided to leave Heriot’s, and indeed education, to pursue her lifelong passions for art history and travel.

Throughout her 25 years at Heriot’s, Lesley has achieved an enormous amount – both personally and professionally. Joining the school as a Class Teacher in 1995, Lesley has progressed through the ranks to become George Heriot’s first female Principal and a true inspiration to colleagues and students alike.

With the unfailing support of committed teaching and support teams, and the full backing of the Board, Lesley has played her part in developing the school into what it is today – Scotland’s leading independent educational establishment.

In her time at Heriot’s, Lesley has championed causes close to her heart such as mental health, inclusivity, academic excellence, sport, and latterly cooking.

She has demonstrated great ambition for herself, her staff, her students and the school and she will be hugely missed when she departs in the Summer of 2021.

It now falls to the Governors to secure a worthy successor for Lesley and we are absolutely confident that we will find a suitable candidate to take Heriot’s forward. Work is already well underway to achieve this objective.

In the meantime, Lesley will continue in her role with the same energy, humour and rigour and we look forward to another successful and enjoyable academic year’.