House Solo Piping and Drumming

House Solo Piping and Drumming Competition

Congratulations to all who took part in the House Solo Piping & Drumming Competition on Wednesday 8th June. 120 pupils took part.

Henry (S3) was the winner of the Pipe Major Iain McLeod Commemorative Cup for Champion Piper with 1st prizes in all three senior piping events. David (S6) was Champion Drummer, courtesy of 1st places in the March, Strathspey & Reel event and Hornpipe & Jig.

The full list of prize-winners is below:


Stick & Pad Drumming

1st Dilan A
2nd Ethan C
3rd Jack R

Junior School Drumming

1st William B
2nd Elise H

Novice Tenor Drumming

1st Yasmine H
2nd Eason W

Novice Drumming

1st Emily M
2nd Magnus B
3rd Adam R
4th Jared C

Intermediate Tenor Drumming

1st Eloise J

2nd Cara P

Intermediate Drumming

1st Ga Yeon O
2nd Alex L
3rd Lucas H

Senior Tenor Drumming (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st Rebecca P

Senior Drumming (Hornpipe & Jig)

1st David F
2nd Varun R
3rd Dylan G

Senior Drumming (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st David F
2nd Varun R
3rd Dylan G
4th Ailsa B

Champion Drummer – David F


Novice Chanter P3/4

1st Oscar M
2nd Darren H
3rd Arthur R

Novice Chanter P5/6/7

1st Matteo C
2nd Felix V

3rd Emily W

4th Alfie M


1st Harris B
2nd Andrew E
3rd Andrew O

4th Finlay D

5th Chloe I

Senior School Chanter

1st Naomi F
2nd Josh B
3rd Qasim I

Junior School Piping

1st Fraser M
2nd Lorne M
3rd Angus P
4th Noah C

5th Daniel S

Novice Piping

1st Sandy F
2nd Spencer C
3rd Zac P

4th Fergus M

5th Daniel R

Intermediate Piping

1st Dianqing Z
2nd James P
3rd Ran B
4th Scott D
5th Vharish R

Senior Piping (Jig)

1st Henry K
2nd Rory C
3rd Angus A

Senior Piping (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st Henry K
2nd Calum M
3rd Gregor A


1st Henry K
2nd Rory C

Champion Piper – Henry K