Highland Dancing

The City Of Edinburgh spring annual competition was held in George Heriot’s school on Saturday, this was a lovely event in a superb venue, our dancers had a very successful day with strong competition in all groups.

Congratulations to our trophy winners, Keira Hood, Alice Maclennan and Elizabeth Beatty.

Full Results

Beginners 8 & 9 years

Ga Yeon Fling, 2nd, Swords 9th, Seann Truibhas 7th, Special Fling 8th,
Jonathan Swords 7th, Seann Truibhas 6th, Reel 3rd, Special Fling 8th,
Georgia Fling, 8th , Swords 8th, Flora 6th,
Beasan Seann Truibhas 9th, Special Fling 7th,
Abigael Swords 10th,
Lucy Fling 9th
Gia Fling 10th,

Beginners 10 years & over

Alice Fling 1st, Swords 5th, Seann Truibhas 2nd, Reel 5th, Special Fling 1st, Flora 3rd, Lilt 4th, Special Fling winner and overall runner up trophy winner
Georgia Fling 4th, Swords 3rd, Seann Truibhas 3rd, Reel 4th, Special Fling 3rd, Flora 4th, Lilt 5th,
Millie Fling 7th,

Novice 9 years & under

Elizabeth Fling 3rd, Swords 3rd, Reel 2nd, Special Fling 2nd,, Flora 3rd, Lilt 4th, overall 2nd runner up trophy winner

Novice 10 years & over

Hannah Fling 3rd, Special Fling 4th,


Keira Fling 6th, Swords 4th, Seann Truibhas 3rd, Reel 2nd, H/Laddie 3rd, Special Flora 1st, Lilt 3rd, Special flora trophy winner & overall 2nd runner up trophy winner
Jessica Fling 2nd, Swords 5th, Seann Truibhas 6th, Reel 5th,

Premier 16 & 17 years

Katie Fling 4th, Swords 5th, Seann Truibhas 6th.