Success for the Junior School!

Our pupils excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and our Junior School encourage pupils to take part in competitions and activities to enhance their knowledge of these subjects.

Last year, our Primary 4s entered the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award. This award invites pupils from Primary and Secondary Schools around Scotland to be inspired by and think like an engineer, when identifying real life problems.

This involved the pupils answering the question – “If you were an engineer what would you do?”

All pupils came up with some imaginative and creative designs to solve a variety of interesting every day problems. Zain came up with the idea of a robot companion to help put a smile on people’s faces by telling jokes, Sanna had the imaginative idea of a phone charger that would be powered entirely by the human body.

Everyone received a certificate of either pass or merit, with three being awarded a certificate of distinction.

Well done to Sanna (P5), Annabelle (P5) and Zain (P5) for being awarded a certificate of distinction and being short-listed to go into the final round of judging. Fingers crossed for a good result.