British Science Week

British Science Week 11-20 March

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. Below is a flavour of what has been going on in various departments across the school.

Chemistry Masterclass – Heriot Watt University 

Mr Wilson took four pupils to the Chemistry Masterclass at Heriot Watt University.

“Heriot Watt University hosted a very successful Chemistry Masterclass. Four lucky S5 pupils were chosen to attend: Janica, Amber, Elliot and Euan. Pupils agreed that this was a great experience and an opportunity to practice practical techniques using state of the art facilities. Euan said ‘It was amazing to get to use the spectroscopy equipment, we couldn’t have learned this in school.’

The day began with the synthesis of ethyl ethanoate using the reflux apparatus, followed by a distillation procedure. Then a short break at lunchtime to explore the main campus of the University before the pupils headed back to the laboratory. At that point they prepared their products under the expert supervision of the staff and carried out spectroscopic investigations using infrared and NMR spectroscopy. Finally, they analysed their data at the end of the session and collected a memento of this memorable occasion.”

Thank you to Heriot Watt University for hosting the masterclass.


Biology Department 

S1 & S2 pupils have been learning about Earth Hour – a world wide movement organised by the WWF that encourages people to turn off their lights for an hour, this year it is on Saturday 26 March (8:30-9:30pm). Pupils were given the task of creating posters to celebrate Earth Hour – some of the examples are seen below.

S2 pupils are also taking part in a national competition – MiSAC – promoting Microbiology as pupils will  learn more about microbes and food production.

Advanced Higher Biology pupils in S6 took part in the British Biology Olympiad (BBO) which challenges and stimulates pupils with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. Keep an eye out for the results coming soon.



Dr Marshall’s S1/S2 STEM club were given the following brief: using a multidisciplinary approach applying nutrition science precision farming and other relevant technology to cultivate a plant. Design a novel sustainable gardening system.

Some of the results were wonderful and will contribute towards the Principal’s Campus Design Competition this year. Examples are shown in the gallery below.


Junior school

The Junior School assembly celebrated #BSW22, with various suggestions as to how pupils could celebrate at home. P2 Science involved materials testing and P7 took part in a technology project. The P7 Science Club turned in to Walrus detectives, looking at live satellite images.


Arkwright Scholarship – Engineering 

Peter (S4) David (S4), Kate (S4), Hannah (S4) and Andrew (S4) have all successfully made it through to the final stage of the Arkwright Scholarship Award process. The prestigious scholarship is awarded to promising engineering pupils across the UK. We look forward to following their progress.