Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland has taken place this week, a week-long celebration of books and reading organised by the Scottish Book Trust. This year, the theme is “the future”.

The Junior School were encouraged to bring in their favourite book from home and display them in the classroom windows. They thoroughly enjoyed looking at the wonderful displays and hearing about each others favourite books.

Senior School pupils have been enjoying learning various genres in English classes, with S1 and S3 year groups sharing their current reading choices.

The Senior School Librarian and a few of the English Department are delighted to share their book recommendations with you and you can hear from them below.

Click here for Ms Sharp (Senior School Librarian)

Click here for Mr Lowe (English Department)

Click here for Mr Binge (English Department)

Click here for Mr Stenabaugh (English Department)


If you would like to find out more about Book Week Scotland, can find follow this link.