Artist of the Week

Artists of the Week

The Art Department is seeing some beautiful work being produced in classes this session. Each week, the Department selects a piece of work for the ‘Artist of the Week’ , one piece from the Junior school and one from the Senior school.

Artists of the Week in November are listed below:

Junior School: Freya (P4), Lily (P7), Robin (P5) and Sonia (P7)

Senior School: Emma (S5), Hannah (S2), Joe (S5), Rosie (S1)


September Artists of the Week included: Carina (P4), Edward (P7), Safiyya (P7), William (P3), Barrett (S3), Edi (S6), Heidi (S5) and Isla (S1).

Look out for some more wonderful artwork next month, we will be awarding Senior and Junior Artwork of the week. You can also take a look at the virtual Art Exhibition from last session. This exhibition displayed work from; National 5 Design and Expressive, Higher Design and Expressive and Advanced Higher personalised folios. We also exhibited a number of our Higher Photography candidate’s final projects.