Art at the RA

P7 Art at the Royal Academy

The P7 Collaborative Landscape Weave, a tapestry formed from an individual loom and crafted by each P7 pupil during lockdown, has been selected to be in the Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Show in London from 13 July – 8 August. Make sure to check it out if you are in London this summer.

We are extremely lucky to have such a creative and energetic team in the Art and Design Department, including 7 members of staff.

From a recent feature in a school Newsletter, Carole McGirr, Head of Art and Design commented: “Art is like no other subject in the way that it teaches us to appreciate the visual world around us, to celebrate all that we have, and present and express ourselves and our ideas in new and exciting ways.

Our pupils are the next generation of creativity and they will shape our future – Creativity is our best industry.”