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Lara Hunter-Douglas, Class of 2020

What is your current role?

I am currently a Junior Account Executive at Holyrood PR, while also completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature/Film and Television at University of Glasgow. Holyrood PR is an award-winning public relations agency in the heart of Edinburgh, representing a range of clients some of which include; Scottish Water, Mackie’s of Scotland, CALA Homes and Musselburgh Racecourse. I write media releases for a host of the clients as well as generating social media content for clients and our own social channels. Recently I have been able to attend site visits and photo opportunity events for clients, which are always super diverse and interesting.


What was your journey to get there?

I originally planned to go and study Law at university, but after disruption to my 6th year of high school and a subsequent national lockdown I decided to put this idea on hold and take a gap year instead. This was all very last minute and I didn’t have any sort of plan of what I wanted to do.

I then came across the opportunity to take on the role of PR & Media Assistant as Holyrood PR and was immediately attracted to the job description and local opportunity. A one-year role, that had been designed to give someone like me the chance to learn more about working in a busy office, and give me time to rethink my plans.

I had such an amazing time – at just 17 years old I had a year of industry experience and had the chance to get stuck into a range of media relations work with different clients, helping the team with digital assets and social media management, an attend client events and industry award ceremonies.

During this year I rediscovered a passion for writing – something that I had always had thanks to the brilliant English department at Heriots and reapplied for university with this in mind. After my year working in public relations, I then began my studies University of Glasgow which I am absolutely loving.

My time working at the Holyrood PR was so special and valuable to me that I still go back whenever I can, and I am so grateful that the team always welcome me back with open arms. I am currently at the agency as a Junior Account Executive, a role I never thought I would be able to undertake before graduation from university. But thanks to my time as PR & Media Assistant I am equipped with the relevant skills and expertise.

What are your achievements?

I would have to say I’m proud for taking a leap into the unknown after school. Deciding to turn down my hard-earned university offers was a scary decision, but one I now wouldn’t change for the world!

The position I got at Holyrood PR was a huge achievement, and a complete curveball. I was absolutely terrified arriving to the office at 17 with no idea what to expect, but I managed to get stuck in and produce some really good work for the agency.

I have also received a place on University of Glasgow’s Go Abroad experience which will allow me to attend the University of Texas at Austin in August for 6 months, something I am really grateful and proud to have achieved.

What are your favourite memories of Heriot’s?

A lot of my favourite memories are from the Senior School Drama department, they always put on some exciting and vibrant performances and I had a lot of laughs with everyone taking part during my time.

I also just loved the overall community feel at Heriot’s, the teachers genuinely want you to do well and all of your decisions are supported. The opportunities that you are given throughout your time are genuinely second to none.

Any top tips for current pupils when planning their future?

My biggest advice would be don’t rush into something you’re not sure off. I know that in my final years I thought I needed to go straight into university and have a plan of what I wanted to do, but that isn’t the case at all. There are so many opportunities out there, you never know what will crop up!

If any current school leavers are interested in the PR & Media Assistant role, more information can be found here,