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Robby Ogilvie, Class of 2003

What is your current role?

I’m the UX (User Experience)/ UI (User Interface) Designer for social impact startup Lightning Reach ( I’m responsible for how our products/platforms look from a visual perspective but much more importantly designing ways in which to create the best possible experience for the user. The two key elements of the role are empathy (understanding the needs and behavioural norms of the user) and problem solving (designing creative solutions to any user pain points). Day-to-day activities of the role can include facilitating collaborative product development workshops, user testing/feedback sessions, wireframe designing.

What was your journey to get there?

The journey to my current role has been full of twists and turns and has taken me from London to Hong Kong to Florence and now currently back to Edinburgh. After leaving Heriot’s I went on to study Product Design and then my MA in Contemporary Art Theory. I somewhat stumble into the world of finance becoming a Bond Broker for several years (from art to bonds I know!). From there I’ve had the opportunity to live and work Hong Kong (English Teacher) and Florence (Furniture Design). Upon my return to Edinburgh in 2019 I reflected on all my previous experiences and decided to up-skill in User Experience Design which then led to the role I’m in now.

What are your achievements?

From a professional standpoint I think this comes from my current role of helping to build a platform which has helped distribute over £1 million (so far) for support to those most in need. Our portal seamlessly connects individuals in financial hardship with the support they need quickly and securely: seeing first hand (especially in this current climate) the difference this has had to people’s lives has been hugely rewarding.

On a personal level I believe the rich experiences that I have managed to accumulate and the extraordinary people and connections I have made along the way is something I am particularly proud and thankful for.

What are your favourite memories of Heriot’s?

Ultimately my favourite memories lay with the people, fellow students and teachers. The camaraderie and sense of community which we had is something that has stuck with me throughout the years. Whether in the playground playing ”first time”, on the games day bus down to Goldenacre or navigating glaciers in the French Alps there was never a shortage of mischief and laughs. my closest friends to this day are still those I met at school.

Any top tips for current pupils when planning their future?

There are multiple paths to get you to where you want to be, some which can be planned and others which are left to spontaneity and chance. There is no rush, all paths are not the same, as you can see from my journey, they are often non-lineal. You have more time than you think: discover your passions, travel, read, say yes more, talk to people, find your voice. There will be rejections and disappointments along the way, don’t worry about them, find something you truly believe in and stay true to that vision, it’s that vision that will guide your future. Most importantly, whilst you’re planning your future, don’t forget to enjoy the now!