ABRSM Music Exams

Congratulations to 19 pupils who passed the ABRSM Music Performance Grade Exams this month.

These exams were done remotely with the pupil submitting a continuous recording of their work. Their Visiting Music Teachers have been helping the pupils with the recordings and navigating this novel approach to exam sitting.

The following certifications were awarded in five different instruments:


Alto Saxophone:

Douglas (S4) – with Distinction

Henry (S2) – with Merit

Izzy (S2) – with Merit

Sophie (S2) – with Merit

Lily (S1)

Izzy A (S2)


Rebecca (S3) – with Merit

Isla (S1)


Elizabeth (P6) – with Distinction

Rebecca (P6) – with Distinction

Annabel (P7) – with Distinction

Anna (S1) – with Distinction

Amelie (S1) – with Merit

Lara (S1) – with Merit

Amy F (P7) – with Merit

Lucy L (S5)

Chloe M (S4)

Ellie (S3)


James (S4) – with Distinction


Amy (S2) – with Distinction


Well done to all of our musical stars.