World Solo Drumming Championships

Nine of our finest drummers were selected to compete at the World Solo Drumming Championships, which took place at Glasgow Caledonian University on 21st October and five pupils featured in the top 6 prize list for their age group. The prize winners were as follows:


Tiffani S. (S2)                     3rd Prize                U. 14 March, Strathspey, Reel (Tenor)

Ga Yeon O. (S2)                 5th Prize                U. 14 March (Snare)

Alex L. (S4)                         4th Prize                 14-17 March (Snare)

Ryan S. (S3)                        4th Prize                U. 14 March, Strathspey, Reel (Snare)

Dylan G. (S5)                      5th Prize                14-15 March, Strathspey, Reel (Snare)


Other Heriot’s drummers who also performed excellently on the day were Ailsa B. (S6), Jonathan M. (S5), Magnus B. (S3), Oliver E. (S5).


The full summaries can be found here:   World Solo Snare Drumming Championships – RSPBA

The drummers were expertly accompanied by our fantastic pipers Alasdair Ferguson (S4), Henry Kesterton (S5), Rory Cairns (S3) and Thomas Edgar (S3), who all gave up their free time to rehearse with the drummers over the last few months, including during the October break – a truly fantastic effort. Thank you.


Congratulations to everyone involved on all the great progress and fantastic achievements!