Verb of the month


The Modern Languages Department are running a ‘Verb of the Month’ Competition for pupils to take part in this year. Each month, the pupils are given the translation of a verb, with the aim for them to come up with a sentence including this verb.

With hundreds of pupils studying five different languages at Heriot’s, there really is an option for everyone.


Can you translate any of the phrases in the speech bubbles below and guess the verb?

Italian: “The most important thing in life is to learn how to fall.”

French: “Stalactites were falling all around me, the roof was caving in, then I was trapped with no way out.”

Mandarin: “The rain was falling heavily one afternoon. Daming finished work. Because he had no umbrella, he was determined to take a taxi.”

German: “Since it is Autumn, the beautifully coloured leaves fall from the nearly bare trees.”

Spanish: “Words fall from her mouth before she can avoid it.”


You can view this month’s winners below.