Senior School Assembly

During Senior School Assembly this morning, members of the EARTH Team spoke about Sir David Attenborough’s key messages at the Hunter Foundation’s event last week. Sir David Attenborough urged everyone to take action in our personal lives to reduce waste and to work together to act on Climate Change.

EARTH talked about the materials, including rare elements, that are needed to make our smartphones, laptops and tablets and described the poor working conditions for many people who assemble our gadgets in low income countries. They highlighted the easy steps we can all take to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, for example, buying fewer but higher quality clothes, taking old phones to Currys, Carphone Warehouse or Apple and using recycling bins correctly. They finished their talk with a clip that showed interesting innovations that may help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (including biotechnology creating artificial leaves!), but highlighted the need for us all to act now, and not wait for these to become mainstream.

Thanks to the EARTH team for their hard work to prepare for and present today’s assembly.

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