Schools for Young Carers Award

We have a strong, committed Pastoral Care team at Heriot’s. We encourage our young people to be kind to themselves as well as to one another (in keeping with the beating heart of the school, to distribute chearfullie of kindness, of support and of generosity).

We are delighted to announce that George Heriot’s has been granted the We Care: Schools for Young Carers Recognising award!

A quote from We Care (Edinburgh Young Carers):

We Care recognises and rewards good practice in identifying and supporting young carers in schools across Scotland, and we are very pleased to be able to confirm that George Heriot’s  have achieved this award, as part the first cohort of schools across the country.  In your efforts to introduce and improve practice and policy across your school, you have begun to achieve some amazing outcomes for young carers and the panel commends you for your commitment and effort in identifying and supporting young carers in your school community.  We Recognise is the beginning of a journey to improve young carer experiences in school.