Pipe Band News

Senior Band wins at Watson’s Competition

Congratulations to our pipers and drummers on their success in the Invitational Band & Solo Competition at George Watson’s College on Sunday 3 March.

Dylan (S5) was the winner of the Senior Drumming event with Ailsa (S6) as runner-up.

Lorne (S1) was the winner of the 13 & Under piping event. In the Intermediate Band event Heriot’s were runners-up to Dollar Academy and in the Senior competition Heriot’s were the overall winners. Another highlight was the number of young Heriot’s pipers and drummers who had their competition debut with our Development Band. Overall, a day of excellent Heriot’s performances reflected in some wonderful results. Very well done to all.

The full results for the band events and those featuring Heriot’s solo prize-winners were as follows:


Solo Piping (13 years & under)

1st           Lorne                                     George Heriot’s

2nd          T. C.                                       Dollar

3rd          Archie (S1)                            George Heriot’s

4th          M. P.                                       George Watson’s

5th          L. S.                                         Erskine Stewart’s Melville

6th          R. F.                                        George Watson’s


Solo Piping (15 years & under)

1st           M. McG.                                  George Watson’s

2nd          C. M.                                       Preston Lodge

3rd           R. M.                                       Strathallan

4th           Thomas (S3)                          George Heriot’s

5th           B. M.                                        Dollar

6th           W. M.                                       George Watson’s


Solo Drumming (14 years & under)

1st          J. P.                                            George Watson’s

2nd         M. M.                                        George Watson’s

3rd          F. P.                                            Dollar

4th          Ryan (S3)                                  George Heriot’s

5th          Ga Yeon (S2)                             George Heriot’s

6th          N. M.                                           Dollar


Solo Drumming (18 years & under)

1st           Dylan (S5)                                  George Heriot’s

2nd          Ailsa (S6)                                   George Heriot’s

3rd          E. H.                                             High School of Dundee

4th          M. R.                                             George Watson’s

5th          F. S.                                               George Watson’s

6th          T. D.                                              George Watson’s


Intermediate Band Competition

1st           Dollar Academy

2nd          George Heriot’s

3rd           Erskine Stewart’s Melville


Senior Band Competition

1st          George Heriot’s

2nd         George Watson’s

3rd         Preston Lodge High School


The next event is the Scottish Schools’ Pipe Band Championships at the William MacIlvanney Campus, Kilmarnock on Sunday 10th March.