Your Digital Tattoo

Yesterday, our S6 pupils took part in ‘Your Digital Tattoo’ presentation as part of Activities Week, which aims to prepare our young leavers for life beyond school.

We learned about how our online data is shared with so many people, and that the internet is programmed to judge our personality by the things we ‘like’ online. After just 10 online ‘likes’ a computer can learn more about us than a colleague would know, and with a surprising 300 online ‘likes’ a computer will know more about us that our spouse.

However, our digital footprint should not dissuade us from using social media, but it should encourage us to show the best version of our self whilst online. 70% of employers search for a candidates social media before deciding who to offer the job to. There are elements on our social media which could discourage an employer from employing us. However, there could also be elements in which would encourage an employer to employ us after looking at our social media.

As an activity, we then made our ‘best selfie’ using magazine and newspaper cut outs to depict the best version of our self and how we would like to be judged. We used inspirational quotes, images of our favourite celebrities, power words and bright and positive imagery to create our ‘best selfie’.