Mitigate Climate Change

How Can We Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigate Climate Change?

Thank you to climate scientist Professor David Reay from the University of Edinburgh for joining S4 Geography classes today to discuss Climate Change Mitigation. On the day that the UK Government committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050, Prof Reay set S4 the challenge of working out the details of how this ambitious target might be achieved.

Working in groups, they researched what needs to be done in the areas of transport, energy, food, cities, buildings, waste management and international agreements. Prof Reay, Mr Ross, Miss Hay and Mrs Anderson were very impressed by how focused and articulate pupils were as they researched then presented their ideas, which covered hydrogen powered vehicles, electric bikes, public transport improvements, rewilding, increased recycling, vertical and precision farming and government incentives to support rapid ‘decarbonising’ of the economy.

Discussions with Prof Reay revealed that it will be possible to reach net zero by 2045 (Scotland) and 2050 (UK) if there is concerted action at all levels, from individual to international.

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