New School Captains

Welcome to the School Captains for the 2021/22 session

Saachin, Katie, Avinash and Tegan can’t wait to get started in their new roles and we look forward to witnessing all of the wonderful things they achieve this year.

We caught up with each of the captains, to ask what their favourite thing about Heriot’s is and what they were most looking forward to this year….

“I am most looking forward to being more involved with pupils throughout the year groups, whether that is through volunteering or just a passing chat in the playground. One of my favourite things about Heriots is that with all the opportunities available you are able, and most importantly you’re encouraged to, explore your various passions and ambitions” – Saachin

“What I like most about Heriot’s is the ethos they teach to us as pupils – work hard, be kind, be happy. This resonates with me as it can be applied to everyday life, and I believe it encourages everyone to reach their full potential.  I am very excited about the year ahead and looking forward to getting to know and work with pupils throughout the whole school.” – Katie 

“One of my favourite things about Heriot’s is the huge number and variety of extra curricular activities that the school offers, as I love to get involved with as much as possible and I truly believe that there is something for everyone. This year I am excited to volunteer with younger pupils throughout the school and I am really looking forward to the year ahead.” – Tegan

“My favourite thing about Heriot’s is the amazing sense of community. It’s impossible to not feel welcome and at home here. I’m looking forward to the school show this year. It’s an amazing opportunity to put yourself out there and even make some new friends.” – Avinash