Kirsten (S6) receives 5 sets of full colours

Congratulations to Kirsten (S6), who achieved her 5th set of the school’s full colours for extra-curricular activities in Highland Dancing, Hockey, Athletics, Golf and Music.

How you feel achieving this 5th set of full colours?

I feel very proud. Achieving full colours in Highland Dancing, Hockey, Athletics, Golf and Music is very satisfying and I am glad that all this hard work paid off. I was introduced to Highland Dancing around P1, and I have been playing Hockey since P3, which is my passion. My most recent game was for Scotland U19’s in Leuven, Belgium. I was involved in many extracurricular activities as Heriot’s teachers encourage pupils to do so. It was a very rewarding outcome as these activities were the ones that I enjoyed the most during my time at Heriot’s.

What are your plans after Heriot’s?

My short-term plans are the U18 European Hockey Championships in Germany this July, and I will spend my summer golfing for different teams. In Autumn, I am going to study Maths and Computing Science at Edinburgh University, where hopefully I can continue my various activities.

What advice would you like to give to Heriot’s pupils and perspective parents?

My advice would be to take as many opportunities as possible and get involved in the Heriot’s communities. It was a challenge to balance my classes and the activities, but I am glad it worked out.

Kirsten in the quad