Kenya trip 2024

A group of 48 pupils and 6 staff took part in a community support, adventurous training, and conservancy experience in the Laikipia County on the foothills of Mount Kenya over the last 2 weeks.

Again, the Kenya Expedition turned out to be a huge success:

  • Pupils are becoming much more resilient.
  • New friendship groups are being made.
  • Pupils’ experiences are being widened in a different continent, geographically, through nature, culture, and religion.
  • Strengthening the infrastructure within a junior school, senior school, and medical practice.
  • Interacting with pupils through play and teaching lessons.
  • Improving the school meal provisions.
  • Adventure training has developed greater teamwork and support mechanisms that our pupils have never had to utilise before and
  • Two days of Safari in the community-led conservancies have opened our pupils’ eyes to the true understanding of sustainable environments.

This year the expedition has supported the:

  • Construction of three toilet blocks.
  • Construction of a kitchen block.
  • Painting of the local community medical centre.
  • External plastering and wind proofing of a block of 5 classrooms.

The Adventurous training comprised of:

  • Bouldering.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Gorge walking.
  • Abseiling down waterfalls.
  • Ascending a volcanic outcrop, Ololokwe, a 1500m ascent.
  • Overnight camps.


Cultural visits of:

  • Massai warrior techniques in spear throwing, bow and arrow work and fire lighting.
  • Visiting local homesteads where last year’s expedition supported Biogas generators.
  • Visiting and touring local fruit farms.

Highlights included a birth of beautiful boy on the second day of our work at the medical centre, the 19yr old mother was so moved at the work GHS pupils were carrying out that she named her son George.

Our hosts, Rift Valley Adventure, have again gone above and beyond with their support, guidance, instruction, dietary fulfilment, and motivation.

George Heriot’s are looking forward to widening their support in Kenya next year with the 2025 Expedition.

Well done everyone!