Kenya Expedition 2023

The Kenya Expedition 2023 took 50 pupils and 6 staff into the Laikipia County on the Western foothills of Mount Kenya. The pupils on the expedition spent a year raising money to support Ethi Primary school and the local community. 

The following projects were completed at Ethi Primary with the support of GHS pupils, the local community and the Borana Trust: 

Repairing P1, P2, P3 and P4 Classrooms 
Painting 3 coats of paint to the Primary 8 classroom 
Roof repair to the Primary 8 classroom 
Repairing Primary 1 – 4 doors and windows 
External blue paint to 6 classrooms and exam room 
Construction of 3 female and 3 male latrines and urinals 
Painting Headteacher’s office 
Kitchen, small repairs, flue renewed, roof maintained and internal painting 
Digging trenches from Primary 5, 6 & 8 to Junior Secondary to take electricity cables 
Repairing doors and painting Junior Secondary to Primary 8 classroom 
Demolishing old failing toilets – 3 blocks 
Repairing one toilet block for small kids 
Repairing exam room floor and painting 


In addition to this, the fundraising has sponsored the supply, fitting, and training of 10 Biogas stations within the local community – there is also enough money set aside to fund a further 10 Biogas stations once the 2024 Expedition can see the first 10 up and running. This is a sustainable project that has a life expectancy of 30+ years. 

Great thanks came, not only from the school and community, but also the senior accountant at the Borana trust who wrote: 

“I personally also as a resident of Ethi and an alumni of Ethi Pry can’t thank you all enough for the great work done to this needy school. 

With the new Headteacher, the future for the school looks bright, ours is to give every support we can. 

The donors-George Heriots-need to be highly applauded for this massive support and accorded all support they need.” 

Well done Heriot’s pupils on the Expedition of 2023, distributing cheerfullie! 

Good luck to those that are starting off on their adventures culminating in the 2024 Expedition.