House Solo Piping and Drumming Competition

Congratulations to all 120 pupils who performed in the House Solo Piping & Drumming Competition on Sunday 8th October.

Rory (S3) was the winner of the Pipe Major Iain McLeod Commemorative Cup for the Champion Piper. Dylan (S5) was awarded Champion Drummer with a first prizes in both senior drumming events.


The full list of prize-winners was as follows:


Stick & Pad Drumming

1st Z Cruickshank

2nd J Robertson

3rd C McLean

4th M Di Rollo, A Gandhi, A Cordery, J Harley


Junior School Drumming

1st R Hammond
2nd E Hashem-Ford

3rd I Mayes


Novice Drumming

1st D Amin
2nd R Wilken

3rd I Smith

4th E Hashem-Ford

Intermediate Tenor Drumming

1st I Adams

2nd M Yorston


Intermediate Drumming

1st M Binns
2nd L Hashem-Ford

3rd R Shi


Senior Tenor Drumming (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st T Shi

2nd C Pentland


Senior Drumming (Hornpipe & Jig)

1st D Gillespie

2nd A Brodie

3rd H Murphy


Senior Drumming (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st D Gillespie
2nd A Brodie

3rd M Binns

4th J Madill

5th O Egerton


Champion Drummer – D Gillespie



1st D Hsu
2nd O Murray
3rd E Duque

4th A Herriot

5th G Mackintosh

6th O Reid, O Praveen, A Rudd, C Crolla, B Cartlidge


Junior School Piping

1st H Birch
2nd A Edgar


Novice Piping

1st H Robertson
2nd A Neil
3rd D Smith

4th A O’Donnell

5th I Steele


Novice Piobaireachd

1st F MacLeod


Intermediate Piping

1st N Mustard
2nd S Desmeulles
3rd N Cottam
4th R Paul
5th S Crilly


Senior Piping (Jig)

1st R Birch
2nd R Cairns
3rd H Kesterton

4th L McIntyre


Senior Piping (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st H Kesterton
2nd G Adams
3rd R Cairns

4th R Birch

5th A Leonard



1st L McIntyre
2nd R Cairns

3rd H Kesterton


Champion Piper – R Cairns


Overall House results:



1st Raeburn

2nd Castle

3rd Greyfriars

4th Lauriston



1st Lauriston

2nd Castle

3rd Raeburn

4th Greyfriars