Half Term Volunteering

Maddie (S5) spent the half term break volunteering with Edinburgh Charity Empty Kitchens.

Maddie applied a few weeks ago and started volunteering for Empty Kitchens during the half term break. Empty Kitchen is a volunteer movement responding to the COVID-19 crisis. They take food donations and convert them into meals, community volunteers then package these meals into ‘day packs’ for delivery across Edinburgh.

We caught up with Maddie to hear about her first week.

What did you get up to during your first week?
I first helped out in the kitchen as a kitchen porter, washing the cooking pots and pans and sanitising them and getting things for the chefs. I also did a packing shift, around twelve of us were putting the already portioned soups and mains with a snack in a meal bag to be sent be delivery drivers and then we portioned out all the soup for the next day.

What is your biggest ‘takeaway’ from the first week?
“I guess it was that I met loads of people from many different backgrounds and we all went to help and volunteer together! It wasn’t just a week of volunteering, I am going to carry on volunteering at the weekends too.”

Well done to Maddie for distributing chearfullie during the half term break.

Support for charities and Voluntary Service offer opportunities to give back and to engage with a wide spectrum of community groups and issues. We are proud that every day our pupils follow the example of our founder. They leave Heriot’s as thoughtful, socially aware and outward-looking citizens. 

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