Half Colours

Half Colours  – Senior School Extra-curricular & Games Activities

63 pupils are being awarded half-colours badges for the 2021-2022 session in Term 2. This is for commitment and dedication to their particular activity. Congratulations to all of the pupils involved.


Art & Design (2 awards)

Gabriella C, Jocelyn R

Basketball (9 awards)

Hamish B, Otto B-G, Mac C, Oliver H, Cameron L, Cormac M, Hannah M, Michael W, Fraser W

Debating (1 award)

Angus I

Football (8 awards)

Aaron B, Daniel H, Matthew H, Mackenzie I, Tom M, Sipun R, Michael W, Adam W

Hockey (19 awards)

Sophie B, Tegan B, Eliza D, Eva D, Alexandra G, Olivia G, Zoe J, Eilidh K, Jena K, Catriona M, Hannah M, Xanthe M, Alex M, Katie P, Anna R, Helen S, Abbi S, Emily S, Megan W

Music (10 awards)

Alice B, Isla C, William D, Sophie G, Jasper H, Anya H, Stuart M, Matthew R, Helen S, Susannah T

Piping (1 award)

Hannah M

Rowing (1 award)

William K

Rugby (11 awards)

Lewis B, Jack C, Ollie D, Daniel H, Oscar J, Euan K, Jack M, Kai P, Ruari S, Joe S, Alex W

Swimming (1 award)

Emily D