Update 25/4/19

Only the S4-6 will be attending Strathclyde Park Regatta. There will be no training on Saturday morning for S3-6. S3 sessions will be as normal from Monday morning. A letter will go out early next week detailing the arrangements for the S3 Race Day.

Mr Davidson


George Heriots School Rowing Records.

International Honours:

2017-2018: James MacLennan, Ewen Anderson, Philippa Lloyd (Scotland J18)

2016-2017: Jane Hardie (Great Britain J18) Rory Young, John Laurenson (Scotland J18) 

2015-2016: Jane Hardie (Scotland J18)

Rowing Prize:

Joyce Bruce Memorial Trophy:


2018: Eleanor Black

2017: Jane Hardie

2016: Holly Burns

Grierson Cup:


2018: Ewen Anderson

2017: John Laurenson

2016: Douglas Price

Full Colours Awarded:

2019: Rhuari Stuart, Thomas Lloyd

2018: Ailish Lurring, James MacLennan, Ewen Anderson, Philippa Lloyd

2017: Karen Millar, Lucy Hart, Rowan Burns, Rory Young, John Laurenson, Olivia O'Neill, Catriona Taylor

2016: Jane Hardie

Half Colours Awarded:


2018: Aladair Iredale

2017: Rory Young, John Laurenson

2016: Douglas Price, David Angus, Alexzandra Irvine, Lily Waterton

Senior Records:

Girls Ergo:

Max Power: Ailish Lurring (S5) - 1:27 /500m (2018)

250m: Catriona Taylor (S6) - 0:46.4 (2018)

500m: Catriona Taylor (S5) - 1:43.4 (2018)

1000m R24: Catriona Taylor (S5) - 3:39.6 (2018)

2000m:  Jane Hardie (S6) - 7:14.3 (2017)

5000m:  Jane Hardie (S6) - 19:29.0 (2016)

30 minutes R20: Catriona Taylor (S6) - 7335 (2018)

Boys Ergo:

Max Power: Alasdair Iredale (S5) - 1:16 /500m (2016)

250m: Phillip Nesom (S6) - 0:41.8 (2016)

500m: Phillip Nesom (S6) - 1:27.7 (2016)

1000m R24: Ewen Anderson  (S6) - 3:19.6 (2018)

2000m: Phillip Nesom (S6) - 6:25.5 (2016)

5000m: Alasdair Iredale (S5) - 17:18.2 (2016)

30 minutes R20: Phillip Nesom (S6) - 8234m (2016)

S3 Ergo Records:


4 minutes: Heather Taylor - 1059m (2018)


4 minutes: Douglas Sinclair - 1106m (2018)

Past Results:

Schools Head (First Team Results):



2019 - GJ4+ Catriona Taylor, Ailish Lurring, Jessica Stuart, Heather Taylor, Philippa Lloyd (Cox)

2018 - N/A

2017 - 3rd 6:12.6* GJ4+ Karen Millar, Jane Hardie, Lucy Hart, Olivia O'Neill, Rowan Burns (Cox)

2016 - 4th 22:13 GJ4+ Jane Hardie, Alexzandra Irvine, Karen Millar, Holly Burns, Rowan Burns (Cox)

*Short Course



2019 - J4+ Rhuari Stuart, Joshua Jenkins, Thomas Lloyd, Paul Ferguson, Olivia Brindle (Cox)

2018 - 8th 19:52.5 - J4+ James MacLennan, Ewen Anderson, Rhuari Stuart, Campbell Hadden, Philippa Lloyd (Cox)

2017 - 5th 05:44.2* - J4+ Rory Young, John Laurenson, Ewen Anderson, James MacLennan, Philippa Lloyd (Cox)

2016 - 6th 21:10 - J4+ Douglas Price, Phillip Nesom, Alistair Iredale, John Laurenson, Andrew Dunbar (Cox)

*Short Course

National Schools Regatta (First Team Results):



2018 - Ch G1x C Final - 6th 09:34.25 - Catriona Taylor

2017 - CH GJ4+ A Final - 5th 08:04.58 -  Jane Hardie, Karen Millar, Catriona Taylor, Olivia O'Neill, Rowan Burns (Cox)

2016 -  Ch GJ4+ B Final - 5th 08:21.40 -  Jane Hardie, Alexzandra Irvine, Karen Millar, Holly Burns, Rowan Burns (Cox) 


2018 - Ch 2-  C Final - 3rd 07:36.30 - Ewen Anderson, James MacLennan

2017 - 1st IV+ - B Final - 2nd 07:23.55 - Rory Young, John Laurenson, Ewen Anderson, James MacLennan, Philippa Lloyd (Cox)

2016 -  1st IV+ - D Final - 7th 07:23.89 - Philip Nesom, Douglas Price, Rory Young, John Laurenson, Rowan Burns (Cox)

Colours Criteria

Half Colours (must fulfill all of the following):

1. An excellent attendance record over a period of a least two consecutive years, which must include the year in which colours are being awarded.

2. A very positive attitude.

3. A good example set to younger pupils.

4. Helpful behavior.

5. A pupil gaining half colours should not, ordinarily gain colours (I.E. Colours are awarded primarily for excellence; half colours are awarded for loyalty and commitment.)

6. Half colours will only be awarded to pupils in S5 or S6, with most awards going to pupils in S6.

7. Half colours cannot be re-awarded.

Full Colours (Any of 1 - 5):

The student must demonstrate commitment to Rowing at George Heriots’ for at least two years and a performance in a competition with a credible field or be selected to represent their country. The following examples represent valid performances;

1. Selection for International representation, or Scotland representative crew.

2. Race in the A final at the National Schools Regatta.

3. Qualify for Henley Royal Regatta.

4. Semi Final at Women’s Henley Regatta.

5. Top three finish at the Schools Head of the River (London).