Modern Languages Department

Every year, the Institut Français d’Ecosse launches le Concours de la Francophonie, a national school competition for young learners of French and their teachers across Scotland to celebrate the international day of Francophonie.

A class of Heriot’s pupils in S3 have taken part in the competition with their teacher, Catherine Boscher, and Chloé Melliez, the French Language Assistant. Their work has received the First Prize in its category (S1-S3)!

For this project, the pupils had to create a 5-minute video. In groups of 3-5, they studied then acted out or animated a selection of French poems by Paul Eluard, Maurice Carême and Jacques Prévert. The pupils staged and filmed the poems as they wished, in an original and independent way. The poème mélangé is made by selected verses from the three different studied poems put together in a clever way by a group. They showed a lot of motivation and creativity for the whole activity which was conducted in December.

As winners of this award, the class (23 pupils) were invited to attend a French immersion day at the French Institute on 20 March 2020 to celebrate the international week of francophonie. They took part in French workshops and received a selection of French books

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