Exam Results 2023

A reflection of outstanding effort and attainment.

Pupils have attained an excellent set of awards across the board.

  • At National 5 level S4 pupils achieved 98.6% pass rate (A-C) with 84.1% passes at A grade, with 102 pupils gaining straight As.
  • At Higher level  S5 pupils gained 97.0% passes (A-C) with 72.3% at A grade. In total 73 pupils achieved straight A grades in their Higher exams, a remarkable number.
  • Maintaining these high standards,  the S6 cohort achieved 94.3% (A-C) at Advanced Higher Level (with 66.7% at A grade) as well as 89.6% (A-C) pass rate in the Highers that they sat.

These exam results compare favourably to previous sets of results that were exemplary and among the highest on record.  This collective accomplishment is a true reflection of the hard work, dedication and tenacity of each and every pupil.

In addition to the pupils, the efforts of the teaching staff must also be acknowledged. Their professionalism, care and effort are once again borne out through the pupils’ exam results.

We wish all our leavers who either are embarking upon their next stage of education, entering the workplace or setting off on adventures, an enjoyable and successful future.