Can you help us to Distribute Chearfullie?

Following on from the offer last week, to help local businesses with PPE, we would now like your help.

The Design and Technology Department, along with Captain of School and Arkwright Scholar, Freya, have been working hard to produce PPE for the local community to stay safe on the front line. The School has been overwhelmed with the uptake and in order to fulfil all the requirements, we need more acetate/PVC sheets (250 – 500 microns).


The School motto of ‘I distribute chearfullie’ is important to every member of the school and runs in the veins of former pupils and staff after leaving Heriot’s – the concept of ‘giving of kindness’ is the Heriot’s way.

If you can help, or know anyone who may be able to, we would love to hear from you. Please contact