Councillor Claire Miller visit

Councillor Claire Miller, from the Scottish Green Party, visited the Environmental Action Research Team at Heriot’s (EARTH) on Monday 27 November, to talk about her work as one of the ten Councillors for the Scottish Greens in Edinburgh City Council.

She discussed the challenges of meeting climate targets and highlighted the urgent need for collective action and quality environmental journalism. Claire encouraged the pupils to consider their spheres of influence in calling for change. She reminded them that while projects can be frustrating, hard work is rewarding! Toby, Rachel, Annie and Jacob asked insightful questions, including one about how they can become better informed about what is happening to meet climate targets at the local scale, and another about how the younger generation should respond when the onus is placed on them to solve problems created years ago.

Our thanks go to Councillor Miller for taking the time to come into school and share her expertise and enthusiasm with EARTH.

You can find out more about Edinburgh Council’s Climate Change strategy at the links below: