Corey (S5) in London Mini Marathon

Congratulations to Corey (S5), who came 3rd in the U17 men’s TCS London Mini Marathon.

Corey’s experience:

‘It was my 3rd time competing in the mini marathon as part of the Scottish team (East Lothian). It gave me a unique opportunity to learn from mistakes and focus on what can be improved. I was very well prepared and ready to race. The most challenging part was getting to London, as I spent 11 hours travelling south on the bus and I believe that did affect my performance. However, it was great to be part of the Scottish teams and I gave all my efforts to this race.

In addition, we were fortunate enough to have had a great group question and answer session with Olympian and World 1500m Champion athlete Jake Wightman

As I came 2nd last year, I saw this race as a challenge to win and while I am definitely not disappointed, I don’t necessarily feel it’s a true reflection of my current fitness. The other boys pushed me the entire duration of the race and it was great to be in such as competitive environment.

I am planning to race on the track various times throughout the summer, within and out-with the UK (For example, I often compete in the British Milers Club Gold Standard and Grand Prix races and hopefully will be able to get out into Europe to take part in the World Athletics Continental tour). My biggest race will be in Commonwealth Youth Games in August in Trinidad. As I am going in S6 with the new term I move up a category in the Under 18 group. It will be great to learn and grow as an athlete within different environments and opportunities.’