Core Values of Cadet Force

This week, the Cadets have been learning about the core values of the Cadet Force:

Selfless Commitment, Respect for Others, Loyalty, Discipline, Courage and Integrity.

They’ve been thinking about what these means and relating them to the current situation. These excellent answers below are from two newly passed out Recruits: Cadet Scott Desmeulles and Cadet Alexandra Burns-Cox.

Cadet Scott Desmeulles

The definition of ‘selfless commitment’ is to put the needs of your team, no matter how big or small, before your own needs. In the Cadet Force, this could mean that you help someone else before yourself.

The definition of ‘integrity’ is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This means that I admit to the mistakes that I have made and perhaps being honest if I have not revised for a test or had time to correctly do my uniform.

The definition of ‘courage’ is the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. Courage can be divided into physical and moral courage both of which are important. In the Cadet Force, you can show courage by questioning when you don’t think things are correct.

The definition of ‘respect’ is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by his or her abilities, qualities, or achievements. In the Cadet Force, we should respect the experience of our superiors and be open and willing to learn from them.

The definition of ‘loyalty’ is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. This means that, in the Cadet Force, one should not speak badly about the organisation or the people inside it.

The definition of ‘discipline’ is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. In the Cadet Force, we should make sure that we arrive on time with the correct equipment and uniform and obey the rules in place that are set by our superiors.

During the current situation, we must maintain social distancing and not make any physical contact with other families during the lockdown phase, which are examples of discipline that we should all show during this pandemic. Courage comes in many forms, such as, doing your work without your teachers, sitting down and getting on with completing the many tasks that we are being set and refusing to meet with your friends even if they ask you to do so. Thinking of the many vulnerable people and making sacrifices so that they can be safe is an excellent example of selfless commitment, which is all too important in this global crisis. Respecting advice from the Government and the sacrifices that other people, such as NHS workers, are making, are examples of respect. At home, during lockdown it is also important to respect the other members of my family and how they are feeling.

Cadet Alexandra Burns-Cox

‘Selfless Commitment’ is when you have a strong belief in helping others over yourself. In the Cadet Force, we all have to look out for each other and work as a team, so selfless commitment is very important.

‘Integrity’ is when you are honest and you have a set of strong moral principles that you follow throughout life. In the Cadet Force, this is relatable because honesty comes with trust, and trust comes with teamwork, which is needed to have a successful Cadet Force. Strong moral principles also relate to discipline and a good judgement.

‘Courage’ is when you are brave in the face of danger, pain or grief, which is important in the Cadet Force as you eventually might have to face danger and painful situations.

‘Respect for others’ is when you support other people and admire people for their achievements, without jealousy or rudeness. In the Cadet Force, this is relevant as respect for others leads to good teamwork and discipline.

‘Loyalty’ is when you look out for others and have a strong feeling of support or allegiance to others. This is important in the Cadet Force as it, again, makes a strong team and a team that will always stick together, because of this strong loyalty that you have for one another.

‘Discipline’ is when you follow a set of rules to prevent disobedience and other misbehaviour. This is important in the Cadet Force as it allows for good management and organisation and reduces the risk of mistakes being made, as well as keeping the Force in good order.

In the current situation we need selfless commitment so that we can help others through these challenging times and get everyone through this, with as little damage as possible. We need integrity because it is important that we are honest with how we are feeling so our mental health stays healthy. We need courage so that we keep going and we are mentally strong enough to face these present challenges. We need respect for others because we need to stick together and maintain friendships so that we all have the support from family and friends. We need loyalty so that we can, again, maintain friendships and still have the belief in ourselves that this will all be over soon. We need discipline so that we push ourselves to keep an organised timetable and healthy lifestyle.