Joshua, S1, created a superb and moving piece of work about life in lockdown for Dr Tonini’s French class.


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Dear Diary

Today is the 58th day of lockdown, I feel tense and I am fed up with the lockdown. I have the feeling I have been imprisoned and I feel the need to see my friends again. My house has started to resemble a prison.

We are trying to stay positive as a family unit. I find everything and everybody more irritating everyday, especially my brother. He is sometimes very difficult and frustrating. It looks like my friends are getting on well. They have sent me some text messages and we have chatted via Messenger. I do not like the lockdown because I cannot be with my friends and I cannot speak to my teachers.

Days are getting longer and harder. I am going to take some time with my friends because they make me feel good.

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A Guide for Lockdown

1. Do something you like and you find fun

2. Talk to your friends and your family and stay in touch with people you know

3. Do all you can to stay calm and relaxed

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What do you do during lockdown?

I watch movies with my family two or three times a week. I don’t play video games much because I find them boring. During the lockdown, we phone friends and family.

My brother plays video games that he would normally play with his classmates. Yesterday, we played Scrabble with my father and we watched a movie. I found the movie ibteresting. During the lockdown, we do not see much of our family.