Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day Fundraiser

A total of £3,166 was raised this year for The Africa Trust on Christmas Jumper Day.

The Africa Trust works to bring Sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. This includes establishing sustainable supplies of clean productive water and decent sanitation.

Ian Thorpe, Chief Executive of The Africa Trust commented “Many thanks to all of the pupils and staff at Heriot’s who have decided to raise money for the Africa Trust. I just wanted to share with you what difference every donation of £5 will make. This may seem like a drop in the ocean, but actually it means that one more person will have access to a sustainable supply of clean water for life. This affects more than you might at first imagine, for a child growing up in a poor rural village in Zimbabwe”

The money raised will enable the Trust to build two Elephant Water Pumps in the area where they are currently operating, in the Manicaland Province in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. Ian Thorpe invented the pump after witnessing the deaths of two pupils at the school he was teaching at in Zimbabwe. Through utilising the locally available materials in Zimbabwe, Ian was able to construct a pump which was significantly cheaper than comparable hand pumps for water extraction in Rural Africa. There are now over 5,000 pumps currently active in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Uganda.

We look forward to following the progress and receiving photographs of the water pumps once they have been built.

Thank you to all pupils and staff who distributed chearfullie.