Captains and Vice Captains 2023-24

A warm welcome to our school’s Captains and Vice Captains for the academic session 2023-24. Tom, Amy, Ally and Esme (S6) would like to take a moment and introduce themselves.


Tom (S6) – School Captain

‘I joined Heriot’s 7 years ago as a P6 pupil and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Since then, I have participated in many of the school’s sports with my current favourites being the Hockey 1st XI and Tennis 1st IV teams. I am also a member of the CCF (RAF) section and a committee member of the School’s Medical Society; I am aiming to study Medicine after Heriot’s.

My advice to fellow pupils, both current and new, would be to embrace and take part in as many of the activities the school offers as you can and enjoy your time here – don’t stress too much!

My aim as a Captain, during this year, is to be involved in a pupil-led group that helps improve the school’s pastoral care system with a focus on mental health.’



Amy (S6) – School Captain

‘I have been lucky enough to be a Herioter since Nursery and am now going into my 14th year at school.

I am a keen member of our school’s Pipe Band and play in the drum core. We have a busy competition season, the highlight of which is always the World Championships on Glasgow Green. I love playing hockey and being part of the team at Goldenacre.

My goal as a Captain is to help ensure that every pupil at Heriot’s has a positive experience, as I have had. I’m looking forward to getting involved across all aspects of the Heriot’s community and making a contribution wherever I can.

I don’t think I can say it better than those that have gone before me and that is to ”Work hard, be kind, be happy” and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way.’



Ally (S6) – Vice Captain

Hi, my name is Ally, and this will be my 7th and final year at George Heriot’s School. I joined the school in Primary 7, entering the new P7 class (Mrs Clark’s P7C class at the time).

During my time at Heriot’s, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many different groups and experiences, from trying out music and musicals to charity and sports, not to mention academia. Currently, you’re most likely to find me in the gym or on the hockey pitch, captaining the Boy’s Hockey 1st XI (and playing for Watsonains’ 1st XI – trying to improve Edinburgh cultural relationships!)

Alternatively, you might find me in the business corridor at the Economics society.

This year I hope to be as positive an influence within the Heriot’s community as possible, by helping younger pupils to fulfil their sporting aspirations, as well as being someone who can be approached in a completely informal manner, to quite simply just chat.

Finally, I would suggest to everyone to simply get involved. Heriot’s plethora of clubs, sports and societies offers a unique opportunity to our pupils to find what they are passionate about. Furthermore, it provides a friendly community where pupils can create friendships outside of the classroom, and even with other year groups.


Esme (S6) – Vice Captain

I have been at Heriot’s for 7 years, having joined in Primary 7 and stayed until S6. I have been on both the Year Council and Senior School Pupil Council for a few years, and now I am Vice Chair of the Senior School Pupil Council, I am on the Rights Respecting School interview committee, and am also on the editorial team for INK, and hope to join more new clubs during my final year at Heriot’s.


As a Vice Captain, I hope to continue to build and maintain the encouraging community in Heriot’s and help fulfil any projects that will make the school even better! My advice to my fellow pupils and newcomers is to make the most of it! Take advantage of all the opportunities and clubs that the school offers, and just put in as much effort as possible.