British Biology Olympiad

British Biology Olympiad prizes for S6

The British Biology Olympiad challenges and stimulates pupils with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. It enables pupils to demonstrate their talent and to be suitably rewarded with publicly recognised certificates.

The competition consists of two, 45-minute multiple choice papers to be taken online under staff supervised exam conditions. Pupils are presented with topics and ideas which they are not familiar with, so will compete with their problem solving skills and understanding of core principles.

Congratulations to the S6 cohort who took part in this year’s competition.

Top scorer Jane L achieved a Silver Award along with Hamish B and Findlay C. Gaining a silver Award puts our top three pupils in the top 10% of all entrants, over 10,000 students from more than 700 schools worldwide took part in this year’s competition.

Congratulations to the following pupils who gained Bronze Awards: Joy K, Freya W and Arron H.

Eilidh M, Lynn A, Aoife M, Jonathan H, Euan K, Erin S, Jack M, and Oliver C were all Highly Commended and Sipun R was Commended.

Well done to all participants and we look forward to S3 taking part in the Biology Challenge next term.