400-mile Bike Ride

Heriot’s cycling champions are starting the four-day cycling challenge from Glasdmuir East Lothian, the birthplace of George Heriot, to St Martins-in-the-Field in London, where it is believed George is buried.

We are delighted to present a few quotes from our riders.

‘Having been part of the Heriots community for over 18 years now I have seen first hand what opportunities a bursary opens up to a young person and what a life-changing opportunity it can be. I’m taking part in this challenge as I want to give something back to the community that has made me feel so welcome and appreciated over my time working here.’

Roy Munro, Digital Media Technician

‘Both my boys were Foundationers here, so this fund-raiser is a no-brainer for me! That and the fact that I’m out on my bike every chance I get! (And am also incapable of saying no!)’

Penny Clark, Nursery Nurse

‘Keeping George Heriot’s legacy going is very important to me. The school is full of pupils from all backgrounds, which makes for a nice rounded community. I believe that the charity side of the school, whether it be the Foundationers scheme or the bursaries, keeps the school and its pupils grounded. It is great to think that by taking part in this cycle and raising the sponsorship, we are able to fund pupils – who have either sadly lost a parent or would not normally be able to afford a private education – to experience all the opportunities that George Heriot’s School can provide and give them a great start in their new life. After 418 miles in the saddle I might change my tune but right now this is what it means to me.’

Alan McClellan, Estates Works Manager

With less than 48 hours to go before ‘Le Grand Depart’ it does feel I’m about to enter the unknown. With feelings of a mixture of trepidation, laden with the guilt of being underprepared and the dawning realisation that London is a very, very long way to cycle, I do question my judgement in ‘signing up’. But, a big motivation has been the great response by the Heriot’s community to sponsor and support the challenge, and even greater is the purpose; to fund the opportunity for a pupil to attend this great school and continue the legacy of education transforming lives.

Thanks for your encouragement.

La Tortue…

Gareth Warren, Principal

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