Partnership with Parents

George Heriot’s School places great emphasis on the value of partnership between home and School. This is reflected in the Aims of the School, which include the aims that:

  • Our pupils will feel safe, secure, valued and happy
  • Our parents/guardians will be partners with the School in promoting their children’s learning
  • Our parents/guardians will feel that they are valued members of the Heriot’s community, whose comments and concerns are listened to and expeditiously handled

The School encourages openness in its relationships with parents/guardians and pupils. We welcome feedback on the School’s provision and we use various means to gather feedback proactively. At all stages in their association with the School parents/guardians and pupils are provided with guidance on what to do if they have concerns. In the great majority of cases matters of concern are most effectively and expeditiously dealt with by constructive dialogue with the member of staff most directly involved in the issue (eg Class Teacher, Guidance Teacher, Subject Teacher).

If the matter cannot be resolved at that stage, it should be referred to an appropriate manager (eg Head of Department, Depute, Head of School); senior staff will recognise when issues need to be referred to the Principal, who has overall responsibility for most complaints. The School has a formal procedure, set out in our Complaints Policy here, for complaints addressed to the Principal or Governors when, either, the complainant remains dissatisfied after pursuing all other appropriate avenues to address their concern, or they consider that their concern is sufficiently serious to warrant a direct approach to the Principal or Governors. We take all complaints seriously and wherever possible will seek a resolution.

The School is entitled to expect that all parents/guardians and pupils will treat all staff courteously and fairly. Regrettably, from time to time a minority of parents/guardian have expressed dissatisfaction towards members of staff in a fashion which goes well beyond appropriate and constructive feedback. Such behaviour is discourteous and can be offensive, and it is always undermining and distressing for individual members of staff. We will not tolerate any abuse or other offensive or distressing behaviour being directed towards any member of staff whether physically, verbally or in writing through any form of media, and should that occur we reserve the right to require those concerned to remove their children from School.