Wrap Around Care

The Wrap Around Care facility is available to all children in the Junior School at George Heriot's (Nursery to Primary 7) providing safe, stimulating and fun activities for all ages.

Ensuring the children make the most of the facility is a team of 16 well qualified childcare staff, led by WAC Manager Deirdre McGhie.

WAC operates within the School Campus throughout the year (with the exception of the Christmas Holidays, Easter Weekend and three in-service days at the end of term 3) from the end of the school day during term time and all day during the school holidays.

It offers a range of sessions to accommodate the various finishing times within the Junior School and to allow children to attend extra-curricular activities before making their way to WAC. WAC is open after school until 6pm and during school holidays between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

After school the children enjoy a wide range of activities - Art and Craft, imaginative play, books and stories, games and puzzles, active games and outdoor play. During school holidays the children are also able to take part in outings and workshops which are very popular.

WAC operates from the school Refectory building and Raeburn Gym (All ages). Children in Primary 3-7 also have access to a homework area where they can complete their written homework in a quiet space.

Annual registration for WAC runs from 1st July until 30th June each year. Children joining George Heriot's Junior School at any stage, from Nursery to Primary 7, can make use of the Summer Holiday facility prior to starting school in August. This allows children to get to know new classmates and WAC users, as well as the WAC team and the school campus before the term begins. This facility is very popular with parents of children joining the Junior School.