A Guide for Parents who wish to Photograph or film a school event

Parents often wish to celebrate the achievements of their children by taking photographs or films. We are supportive of this and would be grateful if parents could read and adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Remember that parents, carers, relatives and others attend school events at the invitation of the Head of Junior School, Head of Senior School or Principal. Therefore the relevant Head or the Principal will decide if photographing and filming of the event is permitted. Sound recording is never permitted.
  • They will decide the conditions that will apply so that the performance is not disrupted and children and staff are not distracted.
  • Parents, carers and relatives can use photographs and films taken at a school event for their own personal use only. Where children other than their own are present within the photograph or recording, such photographs or films should not be shared on the internet. To do so may infringe Data Protection legislation or Copyright.
  • Recording and or/photographing other than for your own private use would require the consent of all the other parents whose children may be included in the images.
  • Parents, carers and relatives must not photograph or film children changing for performances or events.
  • Remember that for images taken on mobiles phones or other mobile devices, the same rules apply as for other photography. You should recognise that any pictures taken are for personal use only.

There may be incidents where children inadvertently take inappropriate photographs. School staff will always endeavour to discourage this practice. Ultimately parents are responsible for monitoring their child /young person's use of cameras and subsequent use of their images involved.