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Edinburgh City Vision Focus Group

S4 pupil, Pippa Carcas, took part in the latest Edinburgh Secondary Schools' Focus Group, run by Edinburgh 2050, in order to discuss their thoughts about what Edinburgh should be in the future.

"I went to an Edinburgh 2050 vision group to discuss the current issues in Edinburgh, such as affordability of housing and how we can make Edinburgh have green people not just green spaces.

We were asked what car we thought Edinburgh was, for example, a Ford Mondeo - does the job but lacks excitement and new technology. When we thought about this, we said that we wanted Edinburgh to be an affordable Tesla. This is a car which leads the world with innovation. Additionally, it has zero emissions and a key concern in the group was ways in which we can tackle pollution levels and eliminate change in Edinburgh. This group was very insightful and made me ask how I could do more to be a greener individual."

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