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Best Cadet in the UK

Heriot's pupil, Grace, has been awarded the best cadet in the UK and was presented with the Sir John Thomson Memorial Sword earlier this week.

George Heriots CCF Best Cadet

Grace comments "It was a tough panel with some really amazing cadets and it's a huge honour to win the Sword. As the sword winner, the Commandant has informed me that I will be invited along with the top male and female ATC cadets to the AOC'S conference next month. I will also be invited to Air Squadron Day at Old Warden along with the other nominees, to be awarded my sword properly by Sir John Thomson's widow, and to talk about the CCF.

Thank you for all your support and all the opportunities I've been given with the CCF at Heriot's".

Principal, Lesley Franklin, comments: "This is an amazing achievement. I have spoken to Wing Commander Marland Green who called to congratulate Grace. He also asked that I pass on his congratulations to Lieutenant Colonel James Bain, OC, for running such an excellent CCF at Heriot's."

Congratulations Grace!

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