SQA Exam Results

Heriot's is again delighted to announce excellent SQA exam results. The A-C pass rate at Higher is 96.7 % , of which 67% are A passes. The combined AB score is 89%. This marks the ninth year in a row that Heriot's S5 students have achieved a pass rate of over 96 %.

Our Advanced Higher results are exceptionally good with the A-C pass rate standing at 98.4 %. This is an increase of 3.1 percentage points on last year's figures and is a record high for Heriot's.

At National 5, our A-C pass rate is 97.9% which is again an improvement on last year's results.

The Principal, Lesley Franklin, writes

"At Heriot's, we encourage the pupils to work hard, be kind to each other and be happy. This creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere where learning is enjoyed and leads to success. Congratulations to our pupils on all their hard work and sincere thanks to our staff for always going the extra mile".


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