Highland Dancing

George Heriot's Highland Dancers competed in the United Kingdom Highland Dancing competition at Watsons College yesterday, this is one of the oldest and largest events in the country and there were dancers from all over the United Kingdom.

The girls danced extremely well and all had good placings, a big shout out to our trophy winners, Ailsa, beginners, Eilidh & Katie both Novice.

Beginners 8 years

Kate. Fling 6th, Swords 5th, S/Triubhas 6th, Special Fling 5th

Beginners 9 years

Kirsten. Fling 8th, S/Triubhas 5th, Reel 6th, Flora 4th
Jessica. Fling 3rd, Swords 6th, S/Triubha 6th, Reel 2nd, Special Fling 5th , Flora 5th, Lilt 5th

Beginner 10yrs & under 13yrs

Hannah. Fling 7th, Flora 4th , Lilt 5th
Amelie. Fling 6th, Swords 6th, S/Triubhas 4th
Ailsa. Fling 2nd , Swords 2nd , S/Triubhas 1st , Reel 2nd, Special Fling 2nd , Flora 6th, Lilt 3rd . Overall highland trophy winner

Beginners 13 yrs & over

Elysa. Fling 4th, Swords 4th, S/Triubha 1st , Reel 4th , Special Fling 4th , Flora 3rd , Lilt 3rd

Novice 8 years

Zoe. Fling 4th , Swords 3rd , S/Triubha 2nd , Reel 2nd, Special Fling 3rd , Flora 3rd , Lilt 6th

Novice 10yrs & under 12yrs

Eilidh. Fling 6TH , Swords 5th, S/Triubha 4th, Special Fling 1ST , Flora 1ST , Lilt 2nd . Overall National trophy winner & Special Fling trophy winner

Novice 12 yrs & over

Katie. Swords 2nd , S/Triubha 2nd , Reel 1st , Special Fling 1ST , Flora 4th , Lilt 1st . Overall Highland trophy winner & Special Fling trophy winner

Intermediate 11yrs & under 13yrs

Kirsten. Fling 2nd , Swords 4th , S/Triubhas 5th , Reel 5th , Flora 2nd , B/Johnny 4th, Laddie 4th

Intermediate 13yrs & over

Catriona. Fling 5t , Swords 2nd , S/Triubhas 4th , Reel 3rd , Flora 3rd ,Lilt 5th B/Johnny 1st , Laddie 2nd . Overall Highland trophy winner

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