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Tree of 1On 14 March 2012, S4 pupils all attended a half day seminar called ‘Mindset and Match' with Tree of Knowledge, a motivational company who have worked with our pupils for many years. The focus of the session was on having a growth mindset and pupils engaged in a range of fun, interactive activities to understand how a positive mindset can enhance their development. Once again, the day was a big success as these quotes demonstrate.

"It's changed my attitude towards the decisions I make." 

"Now I feel a lot more positive - I am aiming high!"

"I realised that loads of people are really interesting and I found out things I didn't know."

"I loved all of it and it has made me think about my attitude."

"Believing in yourself is the key to success."

"I learnt I can do anything in life that I want to."

"I am going to put in a lot of effort from this point onwards."

"It has opened my eyes to how my attitude really does make a difference."

"It made me believe in myself."

"Be positive and stay fantastic!"

"Think big, be creative, believe in yourself."

"I need a growth mindset - not a fixed mindset."

"Putting a stick on the ground is really hard!"

"Putting effort in gets you further."

"To go for my goals without caring what others think."

"Always reply ‘fantastic' when asked how you are - it creates a positive mood."


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