S4 - S6 Winter Games Options


In S4-6, your child will be timetabled for a games lesson each week on Tuesday afternoons. 


Rugby (boys), Hockey (girls), Cross-country, Rowing, Dance, Climbing, Lacrosse (girls), Fitness, Pilates, Badminton (Competitive & Recreational)


Goldenacre (Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse), Peffermill (1st & 2nd XI Hockey), Meadows (Cross-country), Meggetland (Rowing), School Dance Studio (Pilates), School Old Gym (Dance), School Sports Hall (Competitive Badminton), Meadowbank Sports Centre (Recreational Badminton)


Tuesday 3-4.30pm


There will be provision for regular Saturday morning Rugby and Hockey matches and practices.  There is also be provision for an extra practice on a Thurssday after school from 4-5pm at Goldenacre. Some of the Hockey training is based at Peffermill.

Cross-country takes place in the Meadows and caters for all running abilities. Pupils will be dismissed from the main school campus on Lauriston place.

See the Cross-country section of the school website for up to date information about extra-curricular cross-country events and practices.

Rowing takes place on the Union Canal. The GHSBC boathouse is located off of Colinton Road near Meggetland Sports Pavilion. During these years there are more opportunities to train.

There will be provision for regular Thursday evening and Saturday morning team practices. There is also be provision for regular indoor training most of which takes place 7:30-8:30am and after school from 3:30-5:30pm at school sports centre. There are opportunities to race at local and national events and some may have the opportunity to trial for international selection.

Numbers in Rowing are capped to maintain a safe environment.  Pupils who miss out will also have the option to attend extra-curricular recreational rowing to try, learn or row recreationally.

Pupils will also be expected to pass a swimming test at the Royal Commonwealth Pool at the commencement of the session.

Dance - this takes place in the Dance Studio with our specialist and incorporates a number of different dance styles and fun routines for all.

Climbing - this games option is open to any pupil in S4-6 who wishes to develop their rock climbing skills.  The aim will be to use a variety of outdoor and indoor venues throughout the year in order to improve climbing technique as well as learn the technical skill to be a safe and competent climber.  Beginners and experienced climbers welcome.

Lacrosse takes place on the grass at Goldenacre with the possibility of a small number of mid-week fixtures available.

Pilates is a method of strengthening the body through core and postural exercises to improve general fitness and well-being.

We run Badminton over two sites.  Pupils who wish to play competitive Badminton for the school will practice at the School Sports Hall.  Pupils who play recreational Badminton will be based at Meadowbank Sports Centre.  Practices will be led by two Badminton Scotland coaches.  Pupils will be dismissed from Meadowbank at 4pm.

Fitness will take place in the School Fitness Suite and adjoining area and caters for all fitness interests and abilities.

Boxing Fitness will take place at the School Sports Centre and adjoining area and caters for all levels of ability.  Pupils will learn boxing technique through bag and mitt work as well are box fit exercises.  Pupils will not engage in sparing or need a mouth guard.