Upcoming Midweek Games and Tournaments S1-S6

Date  Team Opponents Venue Start Pitch
27/02/2020 1st XI  Fettes  Peffermill 15h15 Astro 
28/02/2020 S1 Girls  S1 East Tournament at Edinburgh Academy  Away  12h00 Astro 
02/03/2020 S3 Girls East Cup Final  Peffermill 16h00 Astro 
02/03/2020 1st XI  East Cup Final  Peffermill 17h15 Astro 
05/03/2020 S2 Girls  S2 East Tournament at Peffermill Peffermill 10h00 Astro 
06/03/2020 S3 Girls Scottish Cup Final  Away  16h00 Astro 
09/03/2020 S3 Girls S3 East Tournament at St George's  Away  11h00 Astro 
10/03/2020 S1 Girls Glasgow Academy Peffermill 15h00 Astro
11/03/2020 1st VII High School of Glasgow 7s Away  13h00 Astro 
19/02/2020 1st VII Caritas 7s  Away  12h00 Astro