Former Pupils


Roll of Honour

1939 – 1945


Goulding, John James, Aircraftman, R.A.F.
Attended Heriot's 1927-33

Ian Goulding provides the following information about his father:
My father, John James Goulding, a Herioter and Foundationer from 1927-33, joined the RAF in 1939 before WW2 and started as an aircraftsman with the Edinburgh 603 Squadron at Turnhouse. After the outbreak of war, he served with the RAF in Kent during the Battle of Britain before being shipped out to Palestine, North Africa, Sicily and Italy. He did not return to Edinburgh until being de-mobbed in 1946.


Fiddes, Fred S., O.B.E., Lieutenant-Colonel, R.A.M.C.
attended Heriot's 1921918-1926

On page 139 of the Roll of Honour he is recorded as "M.B.E.".  His son has informed us of the error.

Mc Gregor, Ian A., L/AC, R.A.F.
attended Heriot's 1939-1941

On page 151 of the Roll of Honour his surname is given as "Mac Gregor".  Ian has asked that the correct spelling should be recorded.

Philip, George C., Captain, R.A., A.L.O.
attended Heriot’s 1927-1935

We have been informed by George Charles Philip that a correction should be made for rank to the entry for him on page 159. The corrected details are given above. He tells us that there was another, younger, George Charles Philip with whom he was regularly confused throughout his life, and for whom details are not available.

Philip A. P., B.E.M., B.Q.M.S., R.A.
Attended Heriot's 1921-25

George Charles Philip provides the above correction for information about his brother, also listed on page 159.
He comments that he does not know whether there was another A. P. Philip at Heriot's, for whom the service information printed was correct, but he assures us that he certainly did not attend the School in the years listed.

Anderson, Edward D., Second Radio Officer, Merchant Navy
attended Heriot's 1925-1930

On page 15 of the Roll of Honour his date of death is recorded incorrectly as 8th September 1942. His grandson and son in law informed us of the correct details:

I can confirm that Edward D Anderson 2nd Radio Officer on the Empire Heritage.was killed on 8th September 1944. When she was torpedoed and sunk by a U boat. His body was washed ashore on Tyree on October 14th 1944.

Donaldson, Alexander W., Major, The Sikh Reg.
Attended Heriot's 1929-34

On page 137 Alexander's rank is recorded as "Lieutenant-Major", his son David has informed us of the error.

Donaldson, Allan A., Lieutenant (S.), RI.N.V.R
Attended Heriot's 1921-28

On page 137 Allan's regiment is recorded as "R.I.N.V.R", his nephew David has informed us of the error.