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Roll of Honour

1939 – 1945

The Roll of Honour was published by the War Memorial Committee as a book in 1950.  Almost 60 years on, it has been decided to publish it on our Website.

The book has been divided into three sections, each in a separate PDF file.  To view them it is necessary to have Adobe Reader but most computers will have this already installed.  If required, it can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

It is worth remembering that it is possible to adjust the size of the page and the print and also how pages display.  This allows individuals to view the document in the way best suited to their screen and visual preferences.  It may also be easier to use the arrow keys to change page, rather than the mouse.

The three sections are listed below, with brief notes on each.  To open the files, select from the links.


The Introduction contains a photo of the War Memorial, the title pages, the forward and a list of those who died.  This section displays one page at a time and there is no search facility.

Those Who Died

This section lists all those who died, in alphabetical order of surname.  The pages display two at a time (as in the printed book) with photos on the left and biographies on the right but it is possible to view them one page at a time, if preferred.  If the "Bookmarks" icon on the left is clicked a bookmark will be displayed for each page, listing the surnames that appear; to go to a particular page, click on the bookmark.  It is also possible to search for surnames by selecting "Include Bookmarks" from the drop-down menu to the right of the search box.

Those Who Served

This section contains a complete alphabetical list of all Herioters who served, including those who died.  It displays one page at a time and can be searched.

The book was scanned in and, unfortunately, there are some imperfections.  It was felt, however, that it would be better to publish in spite of this, so that the considerable amount of information contained in it can be made generally available.

Since this information appeared on our Website, we have received a note of corrections to the original information.  We shall not change the book as originally printed, but we shall publish the corrections on a separate page - which can be viewed by clicking here .

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